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Video Camera




Crimson Multimedia is a full service video production company. We can take your project from concept to completion. We handle a variety of projects either in our studio or on-location. 
Crimson Multimedia filming at BTA offices


We are equipped to film in our studio or on-location. We can do single camera shoots or multicam productions using HD vision mixers.

Editing video at Crimson Multimedia offices


After your project has been filmed, we can deliver raw footage or edit your project and provide final project in a variety of formats.


We've been in business since 2008. While we may be a relatively young company, we've operated Bermuda's leading local cable channel for 7yrs.


In our early years, we focused solely on sports and created Bermuda Sports Network which was dedicated to promoting local athletes on the internet.


Over the past 7yrs. we've filmed and broadcast hundreds of local events. We've worked with local and overseas producers. Most recently, we've worked with the America's Cup Event Authority as their Event TV production team. We've also filmed for NBC,, The nautical Channel, PwC, and The Bermuda Tourism Authority.

On location at Southampton Princes in Bermuda


Need help getting your project to the masses? We can stream your content live online or broadcast your content on our local cable channel. 

Live streaming free or Pay Per View


Do you need to stream your project live across social media and the internet. We can help. 

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