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Crimson Multimedia

Over 10 years of video production experience


Crimson Multimedia has been in business since 2008. While we may be relatively young, we currently operate Bermuda's leading local origination cable channel. 


Crimson Multimedia is managed by Lamone Woods, a former Strategic Systems & Process Planner for BELCO, and former Year 3 Head / Computer Science & Visual Design Educator at the Berkeley Institute


In the early years Crimson Multimedia focused solely on sports video production and promoting local athletes on the Internet.


In 2010, we launched Channel 82 on Cablevision, known then as Bermuda Sports Network; Combining local sports, local entertainment, and original programming, the main idea was to produce quality local content for Bermuda.


Over the past seven years we’ve filmed and broadcast hundreds of local events.


Outside of our own production work, we also have worked with several local and overseas production companies. These include but are not limited to Red Handed Media with the ARGO Cup,The Nautical Channel, NBC, Boulder Creek International and more recently worked with Shooter and Scribe on the arrival of the America’s Cup to Bermuda.


Lamone Woods, B.Sc.EET, MBA, MCP
Managing Partner 
Crimson Multimedia
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